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The Bernese Mountain Dog, is a large, heavy dog with a distinctive tricolored coat. They are affectionate, loyal, faithful, stable,and originally from Switzerland. They are very intelligent, dogs. The breed is sweet and good with children, despite their great size.
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Mack and Heidi Puppies Due December 15, 2017! Accepting Deposits Now!


 We are a breeder of high quality Bernese Mountain Dogs. We strive to produce healthy pups that turn into loving Berners for family pets. You must love dogs before owning a Berner, as they thrive on attention! The Bernese Mountain Dog is a strong, sturdy, and loving companion. They have a heavy dual coat, thick and slightly wavy. Regular brushing and bathing is necessary. They shed seasonally.

Bernese are very intelligent, easy to train, and very good natured. They are generally good with other dogs and animals. These dogs are very sensitive. They should be trained with confidence and positive reinforcement. These dogs are for drafting and can pull small carts or sleds. They prefer to be outdoors, and will do best with at least a fenced back yard.

Bernese Mountain Dogs originated in Switzerland and used for rescue, carting, guarding and herding. They are great family pets! We have pups available. Call for availability or to be on wait-list for upcoming litters. Our dogs are AKC registered. Full registration is available to the right individuals. Our breeding parents are OFA certified for hips & elbows. We breed for temperament and longevity. I do my best to work with customers before and after the purchase of our puppies.